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My Story

  I grew up in the diesel business. My parents started and are currently owners of Red Oak Diesel Clinic, Inc. in Red Oak, IA. Red Oak Diesel Clinic was started in 1969, specializing in diesel fuel injection, and eventually expanded into the M&W Gear Co. product line in the 1970’s and 80’s, offering turbocharger kits, oil pans, piston and sleeve sets, etc. At one point, Red Oak Diesel Clinic was the fifth largest M&W dealer in the Midwest. M&W turbocharger kits were extremely popular in the 1970’s, with M&W producing nearly 5,000 kits per year at the company’s peak. As the 1980’s progressed, demand for M&W turbocharger kits declined, and M&W stopped producing turbocharger kits around 1988.

Stand & Stacey

  I left the family business for 10 years, and eventually came back in 2005 to run the day to day operations of the business. One of the first things I told my dad that we should do was to clean out some old inventory. I noticed that we had three new M&W turbocharger kits sitting on the shelf, postmarked 1978, that had never been opened, with the original banding straps still wrapped around the boxes, and decided that these three kits would be a good place to start. I listed these three kits for sale on the internet, thinking to myself, “Good luck finding somebody interested in these old antiques.” To my amazement, these three kits sold immediately, and I realized that I might be onto something. We started putting together complete turbocharger kits with spare M&W pieces and parts that we had on the shelf, and if we were short a piece or two, we would fabricate it. Eventually this process led into having castings reproduced, and, as 2013 progresses, I am currently rolling out my first completely reproduced M&W turbocharger kit, the model T-7 for the IH Farmall 806/856, with more completely reproduced kits to follow in the next twelve months. M&W produced seventy-three different turbocharger kits for agricultural applications. I plan to eventually reproduce approximately twenty of the most popular of these seventy-three kits. These twenty kits will represent the majority of the M&W turbocharger kits that were produced and sold. I also plan to offer as many replacement parts as possible for the remainder of the kits that will not be fully reproduced.

  I am a real stickler for originality, but I also believe it is important to upgrade the components of these kits when possible without taking away from the original look of the kit. You will find that every component that we produce and sell is of the highest quality. We also offer diesel fuel injection service, and can rebuild/recalibrate your fuel injection system to work together with one of our reproduction M&W turbocharger kits.

  Thanks for visiting this website, and continue to check back with us as we work to expand our offerings of reproduction M&W turbocharger kits and parts.